Current Line Up:


PAULY - Vocals & Guitar

LEO - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

ROB - Drums

We formed in Feb 2011, a long awaited project by Pauly to form a band based around all of his influences and hobbies (Skating, Surfing and 90's punk rock).

We have now evolved into a dynamic, versatile and original punk band that encompass all these things and we look forward to gigging in 2016 !!







2011 - Needs Must EP

2012 - Rough Days EP




" With the Rough Days EP, Philtrum has continued their evolution into a band which is one to keep in firm view and the purveyors of honest original punk rock. "


" Making good punk rock is not rocket science though to make sounds which stay with the listener and inspire real reactions takes more accomplished imagination, something which UK band Philtrum does with ease. "


" Philtrum is a band which should be watched closely and their EP a release which definitely deserves attention from  punk fans. When so many bands seem to elect a pop punk sound, this band are one of the new few to be inspired and borne from the heart of true and original punk rock. "


-- Ringmaster Review -- ( www.facebook.com/TheRingmasterReview/ )